Responsible craftsmanship with award-winning designer, John Reeves


We asked John about the importance of sustainability.

From a design perspective, it is paramount, especially at this moment, to make the right decisions from the outset. We can work with materials that aren’t necessarily virgin but are sustainable, recycled, or upcycled. And when we carefully implement processes that allow for deconstruction and separation from the frame, these materials can be recycled again, ensuring they don’t reach an end of use.

Ultimately, a designer’s role is to create something enduring—not something to be discarded after a season or two. It should pass down to future generations. Sustainability, durability, and longevity matter because we must maintain and improve our habitat. John firmly holds this belief, and it won’t change anytime soon!

Recently, John reupholstered a couple of Talon Lounge Chairs with Stax Recycled Velvet, besides  Releather Classic his favorite among TEXSTYLE Recycled Collection.  Connect with John at REEVES Design.

John Reeves, an award-winning designer born in England, is passionate about creating designs that resonate on a personal level.

Through his travels, Reeves gains insights into global resources and their impact on our environment. He works closely with local and regional craftspeople, emphasizing direct connections between makers, designers, and buyers, resulting in authentic, responsible design.

Rejecting fleeting trends, Reeves focuses on creating timeless pieces that endure beyond market cycles. 


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