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Lilly Wong is a British Vietnamese artist and textile designer who is passionate about natural materials and craftsmanship. The fusion of her Vietnamese heritage with her unique style has resulted in a remarkable body of work showcased on her Instagram page and

When we first met Lilly, she expressed interest in learning more about the natural designs at, with the aim to experiment and raise awareness. How could she capture the essence of sustainability through art and textile design? The answer was not immediate but involved an exploration of natural compositions, recycled fabrics, and blends.

Lilly aimed to showcase the traditional Batik technique, which is still actively practiced in Vietnam today, where beeswax is used to resist the indigo dye.

The infinity symbol resonates, capturing the essence of recycling in an artistic way.

Why is the sky blue? Why is the sea water blue? Blue represents spirituality, timelessness, and rich history, making it Lilly’s favourite colour.

“Design is not just about how it looks and feels. Design is about how it works. When we use natural, sustainable fabrics, we are not only creating beautiful designs, but we are also living in harmony with our environment. These timeless materials connect us to the earth and remind us of the beauty that surrounds us.”

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TEXSTYLE Natural collection convey the elegance and freshness of  natural fabrics. Lynn, Vintage, Fratello properties are strong, high resistance to wear and tear, to pilling, and an amazing hand feeling.

All TEXSTYLE linens’ yarns are consciously, selected, certified by European Flax, and treated with ecologic processes, that are friendly to environment as well as to children and pets since no harmful substances are used. We can as well provide cotton certified by Better Cotton Initiative. 

Therefore, all our fabrics comply with REACH and OEKO Tex Standard 100 regulations.


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