The Flo armchair showcased at Shenzhen Creative Week.


In the beginning of the TEXSTYLE Recycled Collection, many of our partners and friends didn’t understand the concept. They wondered, “Who would want to buy sofas upholstered with fabrics made from plastic bottle waste?” 

However, our CEO and Creative Director, Søren, felt confident that using recycled fabrics for upholstery would be embraced in Northern Europe, and more countries would likely follow this trend in the coming years.

“It just makes sense. With today’s technologies, we can produce high-quality upholstery fabrics from plastic bottle waste. I have been exploring this concept with designers and key customers, and they are willing to give it a try. We have a responsibility to support sustainable processes and develop the textile and upholstery furniture industry towards a more environmentally friendly and proper use of materials.”



Today, 5 years later, we are proud to be a part of Shenzhen Creative Week through partnerships with XIDAMEN, Maison Fei, and Sean Fairman. Shenzhen Creative Week is a leading furniture design event that values design-oriented, fashion-leading, and continuous innovation. It aims to integrate with urban culture, making the Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition a window for introducing Shenzhen to the global furniture and design community. It has also become a strategic platform for connecting international design resources with Chinese manufacturers and helping Chinese manufacturers seek both domestic and international markets.



Now produced in China, the Flo Armchair is available for purchase throughout the vast country, allowing people to enjoy this modern and sustainable design. International buyers can also acquire this innovative chair. The Flo armchair was born during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Sean expressed, “If there is one thing I could wish for everyone, including myself, after the past year, it would be to discover how we can welcome change with calm and composure. Let’s embrace the philosophy of Flo.”







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