Upcycled Stools with Sourcebynet & Sean Fairman


Humans have been reusing and transforming materials for centuries, since ancient times. Egyptians would upcycle metals by melting down old objects and casting them in to new ones. Although, the accomplishments of upcycling throughout history were not associated with aesthetics or sustainability. Instead it was necessary to repurpose objects in response to a lack of available materials. It is only due to the increased abundance of the modern technological age that we have grown more complacent with our waste. However, we are growing more aware of our duty to invent new and creative ways to extend the product life cycle. 



Often when we think about the term “Upcycling” today, many people visualise a roughly constructed DIY project – However, with a thoughtful design-led approach we can create a meaningful aesthetic that elevates the current branding of the term “Upcycyled”.

The collaboration between Sourcebynet, Designer: Sean Fairman & TEXSTYLE have explored how upholstery waste can be upcycled in to elegantly designed stools. Fabric off-cuts are collected from factories that produce soft goods such as sofas and chairs, these waste components are then colour categorised and carefully stitched together to create the graceful pattern designs we see on the stools. 



Reclaimed pine wood has been sourced to build the stool structures and enhance the eco conscious concept. Providing, not only a showcase of creativity and craftsmanship, but also a statement of environmental awareness and responsibility. By using upcycled fabrics and wood, we reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills, and saves on energy and resources that would otherwise be used to produce new materials. This is design with a story, and is a symbol of how we can reinvent what already exists. 








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