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TEXSTYLE Recycle concept provides good quality and a clear conscience.

We support GRS (Global Recycle Standard) Intending to increase the importance of sustaiable & recycled  materials in products within the field of  furniture & interiors.

At Texstyle we believe that we have a responsibility for supporting sustainable processes and the development of the textile industry’s production into a more environmentally friendly and proper utilization of materials.

For that reason, now we produce textiles that are composed of recycled plastic. Our concept is called Texstyle Recycle and is a guarantee for high quality and sustainable eco-friendly production.

There is a variety of products that is created with sustainability in mind because the technology gives the opportunity to produce anything from cotton, nylon and wool to PP from recycled plastic bottles (PET).


Step 1: Collection

This is the first step of the scrap plastic recycling process. Plastic products and packaging materials like containers, jars, bottles and bags are collected from restaurants, commercial businesses

Step 2: Resizing

Resizing consists of shredding or granulating the plastic waste into small particles. This increases the surface area of the plastic, making it easier to process, reshape, and transport if needed.

Step 3: Separation of plastics

The identification and separation of plastics is when the now small plastic particles are tested to determine their quality and class. The first quality tested is density. This is done by floating the particles in a large tank of water. Particles less dense than water will float and more dense particles will sink.

Step 4: Compounding

The final step in the recycling process is often considered the most exciting because it is when the plastic particles are made into recycled materials usable for future production. Compounding is when the small particles are smashed and melted together into plastic pellets. The pellets can then be used in the production of other plastic products.

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Texstyle Recycle provides you the opportunity to contribute to a conscious industry where we can take responsibility and recycle to a greater extent at the same time as we produce textiles of high quality, in great designs and also with good stories and a clear conscience.

To learn more about TEXSTYLE Recycle, visit our Collection page & Contact Us to find support from TEXSTYLE Interational Team. 

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