Carefree In and Outdoor living

2020 has resulted in more hours at home worldwide. In the same way, doing home improvement, gardening, and adapting our everyday space occurred in the renovation of patios and terraces for greater enjoyment.
Hence, we feel an increase in outdoor furniture demand.
At TEXSTYLE, we flow with your needs, and this is the reason why, now, we bring you the possibility to produce and deliver outdoor upholstery furniture, using modern textiles that can be enjoyed in and outside the house.


TEXSTYLE OUTDOOR characteristics are exactly what you need :
Carefree In and Outdoor living
Top of the line look and feel textiles that can be used both in and outside the house.
Water permeable, easy-care, and mildew resistant
Easycare outdoor fabrics allow water to pass through them, which ensures rapid drying.
Resistant to fungus, and easily washable, common household stains can be removed simply, quickly, and easily with water and mild soap.
This collection meets the highest quality standards regarding fading due to UV rays. These textiles are colorfast to chlorine water, salty water, and sweat.
Strong but soft
These fabrics are resistant to high abrasion and pilling. With a soft-touch finishing, they also have an excellent resistance to wear and tear.
Visit  TEXSTYLE Outdoor collection to choose your favourite textures & contact TEXSTYLE Team to receive your samples.
The modern Outdoor chair featured  on this post cover is designed by Sean Fairman.


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