Embraced by Nature with Meike Duong

“A friend of mine once asked me if I could design a chair for her days of laziness…”

It was a windy day at Thanh Da Peninsula, when Meike’s friend asked
if she could design a chair for her days of laziness.
“What would you like?”
“Something that feels like an embrace from loved one, something that is considerate!”
Like a gentle breeze embracing a flock of sheep. Tenderness seeps in, pleasurably. With the scent of sunlight. The softness of Nature. All come together, and witness a crystal-clear sensation arise. A wholeheartedly soothing sensation.
Pibowi comes to this beautiful world.  An upholstered Chairs using Dolly recycled fabric with 3 different versions.


Nature Vibe


“I first became acquainted with Sustainable Design during my college years in Australia. I learned more about minimal waste, reduced energy and water consumption when design building and all related products.
That was when I have spent one of the most wonderful summer time ever on the mountains amazed by llama, sheep…under the luminous sun and being friend with the stars above my head.
Finally, I do realize from experience that being in touch with a genuine love for nature is an essential step towards bringing our modern society into harmony with life on this earth.”


Pibowi, Consciously Selected


Fur emphasizes the innovative values of nordic furniture. Giving the furnishing a remarkable touch and comfort, combined with wood and other materials, contributes to an elegant and relaxed ambiance.     Dolly is now re-designed in threads made of 100% recycled PET, preserving the softness and accent characteristic of wool.
Rattan Cane is a popular material for French weaving purposes and is recently used in furniture design. It naturally grows in tropical regions of Vietnam, some other Asia countries, Australia…It is quite similar to bamboo in terms of strength,  natural fibres, high-quality & eco-friendly source.
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