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Living green are lifestyle decisions which reduce negative impact on and promote the health of the planet and its creatures. Actions such as recycling, pollution reduction, nature conservation or plant and tree cultivation will all help to create the sustainable world our future generations need.
Inspired by the world’s need for change and reducing the impact of our activities on our planet’s health. TEXSTYLE’s most significant contribution to sustainability is reducing plastic pollution, and bringing back single-use plastic to the furniture market.
Since 2018, we are investing in Research&Development, in recycled polyester yarns, up-cycled from PET single-use bottles.
Thanks to our new recycled range and our customers, a certain amount of Plastic waste won’t end anymore in nature but in beautiful interiors.
We already have over 10 trendy recycled upholstery fabrics, reaching commercial quality standards and satisfied partners producing large quantities of upholstery furniture with TEXSTYLE Recycle.
For example, 1000m of TEXSTYLE’s design Forest Recycled bring back to the economy 400 Kg of plastic waste. Which is equivalent to 46 PET x 1L empty bottles per Recycled meter. In the production of 1 two-seater sofa with this fabric there are around 350 PET 1L bottles
Improving the world we live in is directly related to our daily purchasing decisions. Therefore, one of the realities that each of us can change. Join us in this journey! & Find more fresh pics following our Instagram Picture credits: Flo armchair by the sustainable designer Sean Fairman. 


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