Conscious Design by Sean Fairman

As a designer focused only in sustaiable concepts,  Sean creates Flo armchair with TEXSTYLE 100% Recycled fabrics,  in luxury style and with a clear consciousness.
One of the planet’s most underrated resources is plastic waste. Conversely, the consequences for non harnessing this resource could be catastrophic to the environment. As excessive plastic pollutes our lands & oceans, the collapse of essential ecosystems occurs – causing the environment to lose stability & impacts life of our planet.

Sustainable Design

The objective is contributing to intercept waste before it reaches the ocean – Avoiding deadthly microplastics to breakdownnn in the aquatic ecosystems.
Flo is upholstered using Dolly recycled, made 100% of recycled PET. TEXSTYLE Quality control ensures the fabric is highly durable & built to last in homes around the world. The chair frame is made of steel, ensuring a structure that is robust & will last generations. The cushioning of the chair can be made from recycled rubber, latex or even natural latex which are all less impactful on the environment than polyurethane foam.
The customer have options to choose from the refined, elegant appearance of metal legs or take home the natural, cosy aesthetic of the oak legs.

Modern Design & Functionality


Although ornate, the lip surrounding the border of the chair has a function. Users will be able to use this lip to grab the chair & move it around a living space as they desire. A function that is practical for both small & large spaces so that we can refresh our interior compositions as we enter a world where people are spending more of the working week in their homes.

Inspired by Nature


“Before I returned to London to focus on sustainable design, I lived in Spain, working for Morten Georgsen Design Studio for 5 years. During the week I would design but during weekends I would travel to the Spanish countryside.”
“We would spend all day walking, exploring The nature was reguivinating & cleansing. As a city boy from London I had never known the true power of time well spent in nature.”
“If there is one thing I could wish for everyone and myself after the past year – it would be to discover how we can welcome change with calm and composture. To adopt philosophies with Flo.”
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