Let’s meet in Frankfurt, January 2023

Looking back on our path in 2022, we are grateful. We achieved milestones we will introduce to you in Frankfurt, from 9th to 12th January.
Our lives became “newly normal”, now we send our best wishes and strength to our Chinese colleagues, partners and friends to reach the new normality in 2023.
We have grown geographically with a new Showroom in Bali. This island is becoming a sustainable brands’ hub at the heart of South East Asia, directly connected with key APAC cities like Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ho Chi Minh City, where our production and main International sales activities take place.
We have reinforced our presence in North, Central and South America by the hand of TEXSQUARE, an innovative online platform developed by upholstery fabrics professionals that are committed to TEXSTYLE sustainable mission and values.

TEXSTYLE Collection stands out in 2022.

Newly Made in Europe Organic range, and 3 TEXSTYLE Recycled designs available from Italy & in small quantities.
TEXSTYLE Recycled & Recyclable range, with performance and natural additions.
ReLeather Classic is TEXSTYLE ecologic leather suggestion, reaching the highest quality standards while applying circular economy principles:
– Lower consumption.
– Lower emissions.
– Lowering factory waste.
– Recycling and reusing resources, from real leather factory leftovers & old garments.
TEXSTYLE Outdoor Boucle and TEXSTYLE Recycled Outdoor.
(Michael Hand phone & Whatsapp: +84 93 376 88 64)

Big Thanks to all partners supporting TEXSTYLE Recycled solutions.

There are a lot of people involved from plastic collection stage to sustainable furniture design, production, Q&A and distribution.  In 2022, we transformed over 800 tons of plastic to textiles, and we have seen awarded designs upholstered with TEXSTYLE Recycled. You are All Stars. Congratulations Increasing the importance of sustainable and recycled upholstery fabrics in the furniture industry is our mission. TEXSTYLE’s Nordic craftsmanship roots, sustainable design, partnership and service values are in our DNA. We believe that good things take time, that together we will reach further,  and we are certain we are right! Choose TEXSTYLE Recycled & Stay tuned for projects that will shine in 2023.
Yours sincerely,


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